TotemCash's unique technology which enables them to bring real-life strippers on to user's screens and desktops was developed internally back in 1999 and has assured their position as one of the top affiliation programs around. On top of their breakthrough technology, TotemCash can attribute their success to the strong brands such as VirtuaGirl which they've built up over the last ten years. "The fact that we had unique technology and products at our disposal immediately set us apart from other pay sites. We offered something different, sites and software with a much more personal, interactive and customizable aspect. Surfers the world over took to it straight away. The world-class design of their websites has also been a major driving force, especially in an industry which often forgets that there are surfers out there who actually want to see quality designed sites.
We generally feel that less is more. That sounds crazy, especially in the adult online industry, but what I mean is, customers really appreciate a tastefully designed site. You could almost say we've started a new niche ; classy adult sites!


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