Molested by a babysitter at 5 or 6 years old

March 9, 2018 - Abuse, My Sister, Sexual Abuse

It’s a very vivid memory, as of late. I remember The Adams family, who lived a few doors down in Stabb Court. When we needed babysitting, my sister and I were watched by a teenage Adams, I vaguely remember his first name, but I’ll keep it to myself (for now). It was the first or second time at his house, and he asked me to go into his basement to play? Of course, I followed him down and he made a tent (blanket over a clothesline deal), when we got inside, he proceeded to pull his pants down and get me to touch him and he forced my face down there as well. This went on for awhile until my older sister (she was 2 years older than I), who was upstairs, yelled from the top of the stairs for me to come up, don’t know if she knew what was going on, but he let me out and I went upstairs. It was a short time thereafter that all hell broke loose, and we were moving, albeit, the next court down (Keegan Court). Not sure if he was charged or not, I just remember I was told not to talk to anyone in that family anymore.

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