My first cigarette.

March 12, 2018 - My Sister, Parents

Believe it or not, my first cigarette was at the age of 9 years old, thanks to my sister (who was 11 at the time). I had it not far from where we lived, I hid behind the chimney that went to the ground of the building that used to be where that picture below is, basically by the 2nd post from the left. My sister was the root of all my evil early on, she gave me my first cigarette, which the next day I threw up, over and over, thinking I wouldn’t do that again, but, thanks to my sister again, I had my second and third etc. a couple of weeks later, when she took me to one of the many places in the courts where she could get cigarettes and booze easily enough, I hate to think of what she had to do to get them, but that’s for another story. So, here I was, all of 9, sitting in some strangers house, having a drink (whiskey and coke, I believe) and many cigarettes.┬áSo, when we had to move to Campbell Avenue, I was well on my way down a terrible road of smoking and drinking at a very young age.

Keegan Court

Campbell Avenue

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