Who I am

My website address is https://patdrake.ca.

I have been a webmaster of sorts since 1999.

I was born in St. John’s, NL.

Grew up in The Courts (Stabb and Keegan Courts), moved to Campbell Avenue around 1975 until around 1985. Between 1979-1981, I basically lived on the streets, getting in all kinds of trouble, before getting arrested for B & E’s, was placed on probation, that was when I attended New Start Project.

Did the New Start Project for teens in trouble, did my first-year carpentry with them, before taking a job building the log house on Freshwater Road.

Worked with Ken Auckenleck and Neil Butler, along with Glenn Thomas on several log homes in C.B.S. and Paradise. Glenn and I became close friends and hung out until I moved to Edmonton. When I returned, I actually lived in the basement apartment of my sister for about a year (2000), Glenn approached me one day to move into his apartment in his house (2001), I did so and lived there until I met my future wife. We never really became close again, I guess he had hoped I would hang with him and help him work on his car, but I had no interest in cars so that never happened.

Lived a short time on Blackmarsh Road, then a short time on Empire Avenue before moving out on my own.

Bounced around a bit before working for Skinner Agencies in Kilbride, lived in the basement apartment of my boss for a couple of years.

Moved into a large house on Waterford Bridge Road with my mom and sister until one day I came home and they had vacated the premises without telling me, stiffing me with the full rent and bills that were past due. Had to physically track them down and actually served them with small claims court papers to recoup lost money from them taking off.

After finishing up on working for Skinner Agencies (got ill, possibly from mold in the apartment I lived in), spent 16 months looking for work, could not find anything, my Uncle Chin called one day and said they were hiring in Edmonton at the warehouse he worked in, so I sold everything I had to get a plane ticket and went there as soon as I could.

Landed in Edmonton and was working the next day for Grinnell (aka Toyco), worked with them until one day I was on a cart with a ladder on it, trying to lift a heavy box from about ten feet in the air, heard my back pop and was off with a back injury for about 6-7 months, doing physio the whole time.

Did a job re-entry program run by Paul Anderson, and also the late Shiela Salter, who was murdered by an ex-con who had just been released from prison (3 days prior). Went to work for Uncle Albert’s family restaurant on Whyte Ave on the south side of Edmonton. That area of the city actually reminded me of downtown St. John’s, actually moved there after living with my uncle, then living in one of the coldest basements ever (it got pretty cold when it was minus 40 outside), it was a friend of Chin’s that we were staying with (my ex Rita and I, she followed me from St. John’s a short time after I arrived) until he tried to raise the rent in the middle of winter, cause he said we were using too much gas, as I said, it didn’t matter how much heat we had on, it was bitter cold in that place. I told him I wasn’t paying more, and he kicked us out shortly thereafter. Moved to Whyte Ave then.


Have lived in Edmonton (1990-2000)

Tried moving to Los Alamitos, CA. in 1997, didn’t last 5 months due to logistical problems with my ex and my son, as well as other issues in CA.

Currently living in Mt. Pearl, NL 2001-

I have worked in many industries over the years, including, casket supply, monument erection, Log house builder, Journeyman Carpenter, Oilfield supply Rceiving Supervisor, Kitchen Manager (Chef), Courier.

I have been married since 2005

Have a son named Brandon (from a previous relationship).

A son named Aiden who was conceived on my Honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, MX. with my wife Denise Drake (Tuffin).

Injured my back in 2006 and have not worked since.