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The biggest perpetrators of Misinformation and Disinformation are The MSM and current governments in The U.S. and Canada

Fact-Check This

They keep saying follow the $cience, well then, who’s $cience exactly? They keep telling us to get the jab because it will protect us from Covid, however, it’s a well-known fact that you can catch the virus with or without the so-called vaccine (should not be called a vaccine, as vaccines supposedly prevent you from catching it).

No more Censorship!

No more Censorship

It’s finally here! The social platform that shouldn’t (we’ll have to wait and see) censor, or dictate what you can and can’t see. Unlike big tech and the Main stream media who have been censoring and/or lying about just about everything, including fact checking truth with lies, lies, lies! We all remember the peaceful protests …

Get off your knees!

Our Pussy Leader taking a knee against the establishment!

This cancel culture BS has to stop, NOW! Get off your fucking knees (Justin Trudeau), you took a knee with rioters who want to take over the establishment, yes, you are the establishment, dumbass! You are as fake as they come, it was a photo-op, at best. Just like your are not a feminist (remember …