Sexually abused by the babysitter.

Not exactly sure about the exact timeline, but it was while we lived in Stabb Court. I was probably 4 years old and the babysitter was a guy who lived 3 or 4 doors down. I don’t remember his first name, but his last name was Adams. He made a tent down in the basement, and lured me in and forced me to lick his genitals and touch him. My sister was upstairs and I remember her calling out to me and me leaving and going upstairs. I guess she had seen something, cause next thing I remember was we were moving, albeit a block away to the court (Keegan Court), i don’t know if charges were ever laid, but I do recall that I was not allowed to go back to Stabb Court or talk to anyone in that family. Not really the best move, only a block away, and I don’t remember ever talking about it again, maybe a little sit down with a psychiatrist, or something should have been in order, but, I guess with all the wife beating and me and my sister getting beaten every few days, it was not high on the priority list.

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