Birthdays ruined early in life.

Back at Keegan Court, I believe I was around 6 years old. Had a lot of friends at my Birthday Party. My good buddies (Doug and Johnnie Gosse) decided that they should give me the bumps. Their idea of the bumps, was to sit me at the top of the stairs, and grab my legs and drag me down, bumping my ass on every step all the way down, must have been 14 or 15 steps. Well, needless to say, it hurt like hell and I cried for a half hour or more, so, instead of seeing if I was hurt, my mother said the party is over and sent everyone home, never to have another birthday party ever again. I could barely walk for almost a week, and nothing, never brought me to the hospital, could have had a broken tailbone, but at best, I think it was bruised badly. This stuck with me for years (at least 20 or more) and I don’t remember ever enjoying my birthday, having a big chip on my shoulder and I usually took it out on my ex Rita, of all the altercations we had over 10 years (8 or 9), I am sure that at least 1/3 of those occurred on my Birthday.

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