Psycho has returned!

Not my real ex!

I thought after all these years she would have figured it out, but no, still getting messages through Facebook, with a quote from song lyrics (must have forgotten her meds that day, again). Saying something about her daughters chin, which looks like her chin? Actually, all her features are her mother’s, but alas, I digress. I never give this crazy lady a second thought, except when I feel nauseous, then I think of her and it helps me throw up and then I feel immediately better. The fact that her daughter is keeping the welfare system alive by pumping out meal tickets as well as she did astounds me. Psycho lady doesn’t know where all her kids are, I know of at least one that was taken away from her for leaving alone while she went to the bar to get hammered and laid! I also know she doesn’t know half of the fathers of her kids, as she has seen more dick ends than weekends.

I have said why I left her before, but let me reiterate this once and for all. I left because one or both of us would have ended up in a body bag. The timeline from the day I left and the time she got pregnant with her perpetuating welfare daughter was very close, and the fact that she told me she had unprotected sex for money while we were together as well as after I left didn’t help the situation. I know it sounds sad, but I thought the system would have taken the 2 kids she had at the time (she already had 1 taken away at that point). Those reasons alone would have sent anyone with half a brain walking away. Luckily, I had half a brain and left.

The fact that she has been trolling me on Facebook, just goes to show you how crazy she is. She needs to get a life, other than sex for money and having kids to keep her welfare going. She’s almost 60 now, surely the free meal tickets will have to stop, but hey, where there’s a will, there’s a welfare system to keep her going!

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