A personal Request

Please give what you can to The Drake Family

Due to some recent family events, my family finds ourselves in a home that is just a tad too small for us now. We are playing bumper cars with our wheelchairs at times and I would like this to change, sadly, I am not in the financial situation to do so. Before I got sick, the plan was to expand at least a porch onto our house, but that was 5 years ago and many things have changed since then. I got an infection of the bone of my right foot and lost it and almost my life in November of 2021. I really don’t want to leave the house the way it is and had planned on doing it myself until 4 years ago. If something should happen and I die, I really would like this house to be in shape so I don’t leave my wonderful wife hanging with the way the house is right now.

The market is so volatile right now, it would not even be beneficial to try and get another house, I am estimating that would be at least 100K more to our mortgage, and we have been on fixed incomes for 15 years now as it is and certainly would not be able to afford such a move.

I’m not usually the one asking for any help and have hosted many, many fundraising events, for free over the years, but I will swallow my pride and ask you to find it in your heart to help if you can.

Please take a moment to visit either our GiveSendGo page or our Facebook page for more details.

Thank you in advance!

Pat Drake