Drain The Swamp, just follow the money!

So after years of making false allegations against President Trump, they finally (pending appeals) got a disillusioned Judge to hear a bunch of misdemeanor charges (34) that were all about one instance of an accountant writing in an amount that he paid a sleaze bag lawyer for constructing an NDA for him. They claim that writing in that amount as a fee for lawyer services was wrong, well, truthfully what else would you call paying a lawyer for services they provided? They actually found him guilty 34 times for that one line item. The reason for this is by stacking the multiple misdemeanors together to make them felonies to either get him jail time or not allow him to run in the next election. Any fool can see what they did during the trial and with the verdict all orchestrated by President (and I use that term loosely) Biden.
I for one hope that the appeal is heard in time to allow him to still run and from what I hear, it may not make a difference, let’s cross our fingers that it doesn’t affect the upcoming election.

Remember when Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, well, sadly he realized that the swamp is much deeper and wider than he thought.
My suggestion to President Trump when he wins is to reverse everything Biden has done, which sadly will eat up his first 100 days or more back in power. Then, take the 80,000 plus IRS workers that Biden hired to make Republicans’ lives a nightmare (even more so than already) and one by one, investigate each and every member of Congress for their indiscretions. I am talking about every one of them, all parties.
It’s plain to see that most if not all of them are doing something wrong, people like Peloski whose net worth is scary compared to her salary, AOC is said to be worth millions even though she makes a measly 200k a year. Follow the money, as they say, this would do wonders for everyone if these crooks were brought to justice.
Let’s hope I am wrong, but deep down we all know that just about every politician is skimming from somewhere, or breaking the rules, skirting paying taxes, and let’s not even talk about the supposed legality of receiving money and gifts from companies and corporations and their lobbyists, that’s a whole other can a worms that needs to be opened.