Try walking a mile in my shoes!

My latest project is The Worldwide Freedom Convoy After Facebook shut down a group trying to organize a convoy from California to Washington, DC. It really pissed me off, although it’s only been 8 days (Registered Feb. 12th, 2022), it’s 95% ready to go, with just a couple of bugs to iron out. Meanwhile, please visit or signup even and join the revaloution!

I came across this Elvis song in June of 2019. Didn’t know it even existed until then. It has an interesting story told by “The King” before he sings, I felt was very pertinent to what I am trying to say here on this site.

This is my second attempt at putting down in writing the things I have gone through in my life. The site actually got hacked and did a rookie mistake by not having a backup, so I hope to remember to do a periodic backup. This site is more for my own self-therapy than anything else.

I may change the names to protect the innocent, but for the most part, will name the evil people that have come and gone in my life.

The format I will be trying to do is write it as comes to mind, with a link to whatever needs expanding, or more clarification.

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