Get off your knees!

Our Pussy Leader taking a knee against the establishment!

This cancel culture BS has to stop, NOW! Get off your fucking knees (Justin Trudeau), you took a knee with rioters who want to take over the establishment, yes, you are the establishment, dumbass! You are as fake as they come, it was a photo-op, at best. Just like your are not a feminist (remember groping that reporter, or Jody Wilson-Raybould and firing her for not breaking the law for you?), you could care less about aboriginal peoples (all Chiefs signed off on the pipeline you bought to destroy), destroying any of the prosperity they would have gained from jobs, etc.

Cancel Culture! WTF is going on, bands like Lady Antebellum changes it name because it is supposedly racist? According to the dictionary, this is what it says

adjectiveadjective: antebellum; adjective: ante-bellum

  1. occurring or existing before a particular war, especially the American Civil War.”the conventions of the antebellum South”

Where is the racism? You have to be kidding me. Even the band Anthrax would not bow down to changing their name 20 years ago when people were being mailed a death sentence!

The TV Shows Cops, which has run for over 34 years, and the highly popular show LIVE PD were canceled, even though it is A & E’s #1 show, as well as the many spin-offs (Live PD Patrol, Women, Cam, Court, etc.). gone, why? If anything Live PD was actually a good thing for policing, it had a camera crew as well as body cams, dash cams, all live, total transparency. what more could you ask for? I would hope that Dan Abrams has the sense to go out on his own, put on his own network, I would pay for the channel, and I would bet there are millions of people who would too. They could actually go 24 hours a day, they had enough content, they had enough coverage, please do it!

The Mainstream Media here in Canada (Bought and paid for by Justin Trudeau) and in The United States (CNN, MSNBC, Etc.) are not reporting what is really going on, we are seeing only one side of the story, reporting Seattle as a “Love Fest”, meanwhile, rapes, extortion of businesses, etc. are not being reported at all. When the mayors and Governors are telling the police to step down, let them burn down property, and sit back and support them, even taking a knee? Trump needs to move in the National Guard because you all look like fools, all of you! ANTIFA and even part of The Black Lives Matter have turned most peaceful protests into riots, destroying property, committing major crimes, all in the name of BLM, which is not what this is all about. I agree with protests, but not the rioting!

Defunding the Police? Or worse, No Police! What exactly does that mean, depending on which radical group you talk to, some want them gone altogether, some want their funding taken away? OK, so what would be the alternative? Some suggest ride alongs of Psychologists, Psychiatrists to go to certain call pertaining to domestic violence, I don’t see how that would help, in any way, if there was an assault, someone is going to jail, and if you ask Police, they hate these calls the most, because usually, the victim turns on them once they arrest the spouse, either male or female. Who makes the call to use force once a scene gets out of control? The cops need approval from the ride-along? Most of these scenes get out of hand very fast, I only see more problems than solutions in this scenario. No police, that is just nuts. Everyone would and should get a gun or 2, and there would be utter mayhem in a very short time. Who are you going to call when there is an active shooter? Someone breaking into your home? Tell me who you are going to call? Now, stop the madness.

Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matters, Blue Lives Matter, Everybody matters, period! Now, having said that, Racism is everywhere, and on the Police force, however, there are fundamentally bad cops, everywhere. I grew up in a small city (It wasn’t that big in the ’70s and ’80s), and the cops here, for the most part, were assholes, to me, to my friends, etc. Not many ethnic groups here back then, but, we were beaten down repeatedly by the Police. I knew people that were picked up, for no other reason than it was late (early am, maybe 1-2 in the morning) and taken to the lockup and used as a punching bag. I knew a guy who was hospitalized for weeks after such an incident. I was threatened many times by the police as a teenager, and early 20’s here, it was a control thing mostly, but there were a lot of bad cops here. Not so much now, especially there are cameras everywhere, including the lockup! Now, I am not saying that the killings and abuse are not racially motivated, I firmly believe it is more of poor training, and bad cops, period. What people fail to realize, there are just as many, if not more white people who die in Police custody as black men. White women being shot to death while Police are doing a welfare check? Really? How does that happen? I believe Police need better training, and any sign of over aggression, given the boot, immediately. Cops with 10, 20 or 30 complaints against them should never be on the force, period.

End of rant!