There’s only one Nazi in Canada and that’s Justin (Adolph) Trudeau

Justin (Adolph) Hitler

Now, before you go and get your panties in a bunch, let me explain something to you. I know it’s disrespectful to even use the word, no matter the context, however, our Cowardly Leader proclaimed anyone involved with “The Peaceful Protest” in Ottawa were Nazis, racists, and misogynistic Idiologs with unacceptable views (just because they disagree with his views).

This included anyone who made donations, which includes me, so according to him, I am a Nazi sympathizer? Even though, I never donated until he called them a “Fringe Minority”, which just added fuel to the fire. This was just after they hit the road, when it was just a convoy, however, that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone, especially him.

One person decided to bring a swastika flag, and of course, Justin (Adolph) Trudeau took it way out of context because an eyewitness at the protest that day said the man, who had a European accent was waving that flag, chanting “Is this what you want for our country? If we leave Trudeau in power, this is what our Canadian Flag will look like”. Instead, Trudeau used it to his advantage, to paint everyone as Nazis and the “Legacy Media” in Canada, which we all know is bought and paid for by our cowardly leader, carried that narrative and only perpetuated it. If you were to look at the last time anything bad was written or reported on Justin (Adolph) Trudeau and The Liberals, you would see a direct correlation to the same week he gave billions to most Mainstream media outlets in Canada. The tune of $1.2 billion to The CBC alone.

Liberal MP for north Toronto called Yaara Saks, who has now taken the award from Seamus Thomas Harris O’Regan as the Dumbest MP in Ottawa stated that “Honk Honk” is an acronym for “Heil Hitler”, to justify The Emergencies Act. Seriously, you can’t make this shit up!

Actually, if you look at the whole picture painted by Justin (Adolph) Trudeau. The Emergencies Act was just a smokescreen to implement powers that will continue on even after the act has been lifted. He now has the power to squash anyone who opposes him. He can freeze the bank accounts of anyone without a warrant, or even just cause. This includes “peaceful protesters”, or anyone who dares speak out against him, in any way shape or form. Does that sound like a free country to you?

Speaking of which, why I am calling The Right Dishonorable Justin (Adolph) Trudeau a totalitarian leader in every sense of the word. He is even on record saying that he admired China’s dictatorship and the control they had over their citizens and the potheads still put him in office because he was going to legalize marijuana! That was the first time around, the second time, he barely maintained office, with fewer seats (and less than the majority vote I might add) and a minority government.

He spent the last 2 years spying on 86% of The Canadian Populations Cell Phones, and wants to do it for another 5 years, this, along with everything that transpired during the “Peaceful Protest” all fell within his plan of full control of Canada. You would have to be blind not to see this, but if you only get your news from the legacy media, then you have nothing else to base it on.

The Right Honorable Brian Peckford (former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador), which is the last living writer of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is actually taking Justin (Adolph) Trudeau to court over all the rights and freedoms that Trudeau has taken away from Canadians since the pandemic began, he is even on record as saying he would not do any interviews with the “Legacy Media” because he does not trust that they would report it without twisting it to fit Justin (Adolph) Trudeaus Narrative!

The current Chief of police in Ottawa has been caught lying about the protest as well. He is also perpetuating the false narrative along with Justin (Adolph) Trudeau and The “Legacy Media” re-iterating all the lies as well. I’ll just name one instance because it would take way too long to point out everything, but in a nutshell, everything that man has said is lies! The instance of an Elderly Mohawk lady that was trampled (on purpose) by The RCMP Horses, even though there are/were many different angles of the trampling, went to his podium and said no one was injured (The lady sustained a broken collar bone along with bruised ribs) and that the pictures on Social Media were fake? Well, they were not. He also added that the lady, who was on a mobility scooter, holding a walker somehow threw a bicycle at the horse, causing the horse to trip? There was no “Bicycle” and the videos are real. The Chief had to eat those words once a complaint was made to The SIU (Special Incidents Unit) in Ontario and the videos were verified along with the photos. Candice Sero, the lady who was trampled is still wondering what happened to the gentleman who tried to shield her from the horses that was also trampled? Nobody has seen him since that day and she believes he may be in jail and or given a gag order by the police.

So, having said all that, why is Justin (Adolph) Trudeau allowed to call people Nazis, but I am not? I don’t like that N-word, no more than you do, but you allow him to use it daily, including calling another MP a supporter of Swastika waving protesters even though she is Jewish and her parents are survivors of The Holocaust!