The Legacy Media has to go!

Defund The CBC

Once upon a time, we took the news as gospel, and some still do.

It has been proven, over and over again that they are lying to us all. They are twisting “The News” to fit their narrative.

CNN, CNBC, CBC, etc. all have their own agendas, but with the Canadian media, in particular, have been bought and paid for by Justin Trudeau, with The CBC receiving over $1.3 Trillion dollars alone! If you look at the timing of that money being given to Canadian Media outlets and the last time there was anything bad reported about Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party of Canada, you will see a direct correlation. Our Prime Minister has been tied to so many scandals it would take too much to put here right now, but SNC-Lavalin & Jody Wilson-Raybould, The WE Foundation, and The groping of a reporter, to say the least.

This is beyond unethical. Reporters across this country have quit or been fired for even attempting to report the “Truth” about Justin Trudeau and/or The Liberal Party. It is clearly hush money and it has done the job. The sad part is what they are reporting is either twisted or simply not true, but people believe it, wholeheartedly!

#DefundCBC #Abolishthelegacymedia