In the presence of evil!

The Mount Cashel Orphanage, torn down now, but the evil is still there! For more about this story, see the movie “The Boys of St. Vincent

When I was training for my first-year carpentry with “The New Start Project”, we were doing a job at The Nineteenth Hole at Pippy Park, we were in need of a specific tool that we didn’t have, so we dropped by Mount Cashel to borrow one. When we entered the workshop through a side door at the orphanage, you could feel the evil present in that building. The look on the boys’ faces said it all, they were all scared, period. When one of the Christian brothers entered the room, it was like the devil himself had entered, the room became cold and all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there. What those bastards put those boys through, was unthinkable, and the fact that it was covered up by the police, as well as the church, is something that will go down in history as one of the worst crimes in history.

They tore that evil place down, but every time I enter the Sobey’s store they built in its place, I still get that chill up my spine. The evil still lurks there.

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