Lived on the streets.

Around the age of 12-14, I basically lived on the streets, hanging around the Queen’s Road area. Did many things to survive, including a bunch of B & E’s.

I left my house because I wasn’t going to school, and my old man was on his last few years of being an asshole.

Went hungry many days, had friends who would take me home with them supper time, so I could at least get something to eat.

Finally got arrested around the age of 14, was sent to court and Judge Roberts put me in a cell for 10 or so days, they actually had cells at an orphanage on Waterford Bridge Road, that building was actually torn down a few years ago, after they tried to save it as a heritage site. Was glad to see it torn down, to be honest.

This place was everything from a hospital, orphanage, and bed and breakfast.
There was actually 4 cells located on the back of this place.
Arrow shows where the room with the cells were.

When the cops picked me up, they interrogated me for about 4 hours, they tried to pin 34 counts of break and enter on me, although I was guilty of some, I was not guilty of all 34. After 10 days in a cell, the judge threw out all counts based on the fact they interrogated me without a parent or lawyer present The judge did, however, place me on probation, which was actually a good thing. This lead me to “The New Start Project” for troubled teens.

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