Let’s have a do over!

Let's have a do over!

I just had a thought! After this pandemic is over, how about we start all over again, All provinces and the country as a whole. STOP buying Saudi oil, let’s keep our oil, process it here and supply us, if we have enough to export after our needs are met, great, but stop what we are doing now, it doesn’t make any sense, at all. At one point before this pandemic, we were actually selling oil to the USA for $10 a barrel, I shudder to think what we are giving it to them for now? STOP selling water to Nestle (USA), for $500.00 per million gallons and no, that is not a typo, that is what we get per million gallons. STOP sending viruses to China (Trudeau sent them the Ebola virus a few years ago?). How about we hold politicians accountable for so-called campaign promises that they never uphold to, I suggest that if they do not even try to do what they said in the first 100 days, out they go, and that goes for everyone from a city councilor to the Prime Minister! Let’s eliminate the party system of government, let’s revamp the whole system, it’s Been a farce for far too long. Let politicians work for their pensions, like we have to, astounds me that they get a full pension after only a few years. Let’s STOP sending countries money (especially the ones that would rather see us die by terrorists), and take care of our (in no particular order) Seniors, Veterans and the homeless, make Canada first. STOP the immigration of illegals that right now are walking in sick and get a golden health care pass for 20 years, everything paid for? Happening right now, even during this pandemic. Make Police forces accountable to the law and uphold court orders instead of being told what to do by politicians (illegal blockades for instance). MAKE Canada first, for once and stop the politician’s from lining their pockets at our expense. And I am sure there are a lot more things that we are doing ass-backward, making people rich, while 10’s of thousands of jobs could be made doing it the right way.

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