Ball runs away!

Dumb and Dumber

So, after almost 5 years of hypocrisy, Dwight Ball is stepping down (forced out by his own caucus). This SOB came into power and did an about-face on just about everything he promised, he removed 2% off the HST, only to put it back a short time later.

Came up with a budget that only drove people away by the thousands, and literally had a study done by his buddies at Ernst and Young as to why so many people were leaving the province. I believe he either got kickbacks from or owed someone at E & Y a lot of money, cause it seemed every 2 months there was another unnecessary study about something that was so obvious, it was a disgrace to anyone intelligent.

Then he had the Balls (pun intended) to say he was setting up a committee to oversee the appointment of jobs so there was no bias involved in those positions given, however, every single appointment he made was from his list of friends, or Liberals, or whatever, clearly not above board as most were not even posted, just given, and he did it with a big smirk on his face.

He had the chance to shut down Muskrat Falls but chose to just point the finger at Danny Williams. A true leader would have stopped it right then and there when it clearly was out of control, would have been better to lose the 5 billion, then be on the hook for 16 billion and rising! Considering they had to clear out SNC Lavalin because they had the ability to write cheques to anyone at any time without scrutiny. There will be more about SNC later when I tell you what I think about Justin Trudeau.

I’m sure Ball has himself all set up with senior facilities ready to go, as he closed enough to fill his facilities easily, yep, no conflict of interest there, eh?

Ball, you buried this province, and there is more leadership in my left testicle. I hope you have a hard time sleeping at night with what you did, but I don’t think you have a conscience, I hope that Karma visits you and the hamburgler soon and often, cause you guys deserve it.

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