Do you know who Lorenzo Anderson was?

He was the 19-year-old BLACK kid who bled out while the police begged and pleaded to let them in the area known as CHAZ (so named at the time of the shooting), BLM and ANTIFA refused and the ambulance was not allowed to go into an active shooting scene, so Lorenzo died. Two teenagers out for a joyride got shot by The Chop protectors, one kid died as well, along with the other in very serious condition. ANTIFA says they started shooting first, but watching the tape, it shows them being shot at before the vehicle the kids were in hitting a barricade, and there were no weapons or bullet casings found in the vehicle. Peaceful protest? Armed standoff more like it. Why doesn’t anyone know his name? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative being spun by MSM. Black lives matter only when they are killed by cops? Not when they are shot by the “peaceful protesters”. We are only seeing one side of the story, and that is not right and what is wrong with everything happening with the not so peaceful protests. When headlines read “47 cops injured in a mostly peaceful protest”, or people in fear of their lives being labeled as racist when they stand in front of their gated community house with legal weapons in self-defense as a mob outside their home threatens to kill them, then burn them down to the ground, it’s no wonder people are so jaded and misled. This all goes back to Minnesota when they let them in and burn down the police precinct, it started right then and there, and it should have stopped right then and there, period. Instead, democratic cities and states have taken a knee to the protesters which were infiltrated by ANTIFA (mostly responsible for the looting and burning), and BLM’s leader not only condoning the acts but went on national TV to say there will be more to come! Well, I watched Lorenzo’s father on Hannity 2 nights ago, and I cried along with him, as he said, they were just misguided kids, and they let him die. I believe the crazy “summer of love” mayor Jenny Durkan has his blood on her hands. She finally decided to break up the “love fest” only after they went after her home, funny how that works. She should be held accountable for those boy’s death, as well as all the destroyed homes and businesses. The Democrats took a knee and wanted Trump to step in, so they could blame him for any deaths, well, that totally backfired, now didn’t it. Now they have to clean up this mess and with any luck, they all should get charged with criminal negligence, at the very least.