Justin Trudeau is a dictator and has to go!

I have been up all night because I need to get this off my chest.

This is my second attempt, but that’s another story. This will be a long one folks!

Firstly, a bit of back story to put what I am about to say into context.

When Creepy Joe stole the election, immediately thereafter, The Democrats (Mainly AOC) started saying things like, anyone and everyone who ever worked for Trump and every person of the 71 million that voted for him needs to pay for their actions. She wanted to blacklist them including losing their jobs, and to never work again, lose their children and have them reformed somehow, I don’t remember exactly the last part of what she said, but I immediately thought about another person who did that back in the 1940s, you know who I’m talking about.

Now, fast forward to this past month, and as soon as our so-called leader (and I use that term loosely) called the Convoy leaving BC a “Fringe” minority, I made a donation to the cause. As far as I’m concerned, it was that moment when he dismissed those truckers as a fringe with unacceptable views (without really knowing what those views were) that made that convoy grow exponentially.

Now, he and the bought and paid for by Trudeau Canadian Media used that “Narrative” every day since. Calling them all racist, white supremacists with ideological views. So, as with The Democrats in The States, Trudeau and The Legacy media are demonizing anyone who gave to the truckers, people are being threatened, losing their jobs for supporting a “Peaceful Protest”. So, you want to freeze my bank accounts and take away my $124.00 in life savings for supporting the truckers, really. I guess you want to take my kids too?

The fact that The CBC “obtained” the stolen (hacked) donors list and began revealing names, calling them up and asking why they donated to “Terrorists”, even calling their employers, for which people actually lost their jobs because of this, simply astounds me. The CBC should be the ones being demonized and I fully support #DefundCBC.

Why we allow Trudeau to give them 1.2 billion (with another half-billion earmarked so they don’t have to rely on advertising that nobody wants to buy because of the low ratings) of our tax dollars for such an underrated news outlet just so they will report whatever he wants them to and if a reporter actually tries to write anything bad (mainly the truth) about him or The Liberals, the editors throw it away for fear of losing all that money from Trudeau, some reporters have even been fired for trying to write the disgusting truth about Trudeau.

Back to the convoy.

Trudeau dismissed them right away, then ran away like a coward to hide in his cottage to smoke weed and play videos games all day, like he always does. As soon as someone took a video of a man waving a swastika, he painted everyone with the racist, Nazi card.

Meanwhile, while the Terrorist groups BLM and ANTIFA were burning down buildings, looting stores, killing people, etc. He actually went outside Parliament during a BLM protest and took a knee! Our fellow Canadians, even though they were totally peaceful, he denounced them fully.

However, that man with a European accent was seen in the crowd that day, waving the swastika flag chanting “Is this what you want for our country? If we keep Trudeau in power, this is what our flag will look like!” Sadly, he was basically right!

Of course, Trudeau jumped at the chance to use it to his advantage and spit that twisted Narrative immediately, and never stopped, perpetuated by the Legacy Media, the mayor of Ottawa, and even the 2 police chiefs!

Trudeau is even on public record saying “How much he admired the dictatorship of China! How he liked the control they had over their citizens!”. You can’t make this shit up people. Then you go and vote him in, twice! Amazes me to this day.

The fact that we now have another 30 days (minimum) of just as well call it what it is “Martial Law” makes me sad and very angry at the same time. As one MP put it, we are in a state of emergency for a parking issue and a block party in downtown Ottawa”?

Let’s not forget that he told the police chief to use whatever measures he needed to use to remove the “terroristic” peaceful protesters. What I witnessed looked more like North Korea, not Canada! They pepper-sprayed them for simply not moving, they dragged them to the ground while clubbing them, even hitting them over and over with the butt end of their assault rifles.

I watched all this live as it was happening, and the Legacy commentator said the cops were doing all that because the protesters were being violent towards the police, I call BS because I saw no violence whatsoever except for the actions of the police. I remember seeing one really short female officer hitting a protester because he would not move from the front of his truck, she hit him over and over with her baton until he did move, otherwise, he just stood there and took the beating without any retaliation. That peaceful protester was later seen being wrestled to the ground being roughed up by at least 6 draconian police officers.

They shot people point blank with their ARWEN guns as well as hitting one of those shot, that same person (who was actually a reporter) with a baton several times before she was helped off by the peaceful protesters.

Let’s not forget the trampling of 2 individuals, one Mohawk elderly lady who was on her mobility scooter and the gentleman who was trying to shield her from the horses, whom the chief of police said that she threw a bicycle at the horse and that they both got up and walked away and added that the pictures being circulated were fake.

Sadly, this was not true, as for the gentleman, I am not sure of his condition, but the elderly Mohawk lady was helped up and carried off by the peaceful protesters and brought to the hospital with a broken collar bone and severely bruised ribs. If she walked away from riding her mobility scooter after being trampled by horses, wouldn’t that be a miracle!

The Chief of police had to recant his story because both the latter 2 incidents are under investigation by the SIU.

In a chat room (allegedly), RCMP Musical Ride member, Andrew Nixon sends a picture of a pint of beer hoping for his chance to abuse protesters: “Don’t kick all of them out until next weeks group gets our turn”. Member Robin Thibault remarks about accommodations police are being given in Ottawa: “Nice Downtown in Chateau Laurier”.

Nixon jokes about police brutality: “Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground”. After being admonished for his remarks, Nixon mocks the protesters: “okay we can give out free hugs and unicorn stickers”. A member named Marca laughs off the prior night trampling of two demonstrators, one of which had a mobility scooter. “Just watched the horse video – that is awesome, we should practice that maneuver ”

Now because I’m sure The Facebook police will be all over this post because it has way too much truth in it. I’ll post it elsewhere as well on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/patiolanterns and my new project https://www.worldwidefreedomconvoy.org.

If you made it this far, thanks for letting me get this off my chest!